Tips From The Online Kings Of Product Optimisation

Product optimisation refers to the practice of making adjustments or modifications to a product to increase its cost efficiency, effectiveness, desirability, innovation and create a competitive advantage within the market. Market leaders offer many amazing insights into how products can be optimized, whether it is in terms of existing design modification or creation of brand new products. Using this vast store of knowledge to identify opportunities for weight savings, manufacture and cost and building them into product design at an early stage, leading online innovators  have spurred a revolution through design for manufacturing assembly, computer aided design, material specialisation and even reverse engineering of legacy products. Learn more about the best product optimisation tips from online e-commerce kings and titans like Pathwwway Gaming, who can guide your business on how to make bigger, better and more attractive products and impressive sales.

#1 Product Titles: Why There’s More To a Name Than You Think

While optimising a product, it is imperative that product titles should be catchy and SEO friendly. Pleasing the buyer and the search engine are both important. The message should be clear to product users and relevant to what they are looking for. So, if a product page is stuffed with keywords, there is a decrease in the chance of being clicked.

Product titles may be important for search engines as well as the target audience. The product page has to be well conceived, timely and relevant. Marketing the product right is only possible if you are able to catch the attention of your visitors. Consider the McDonald’s “Big Mac” burger or the Apple iPod. These are iconic brands and catchy names that evoke positive associations. Rebranding often involves changing the title of the product to catch the customer’s attention.

#2 Product Visibility: Why All Angles Must be Visible

Product optimisation also involves presenting the product in a detailed way. The product descriptions online, for example, cover a wide range of aspects from technical specifications to reviews and customer testimonials. For electronic products like tablets, cell phones and laptops, it is critical to show multiple angles so the product’s length or width can be understood, or how it looks or how much it weighs. If you are a fashion brand, for example, the same dress needs to be put across with different looks. Product images are an important part of optimising the product. Product images are top quality and available in varied angles. This permits buyers to see what the product looks and feels like, converting potential customers and prospects into paying clients.

#3 Product Videos: When Audio Visuals Speak Louder Than Words

This is critical in the field of online product optimisation and ecommerce. Videos can work wonders for prompt sales. Video gives retailers online the opportunity to wow customers and deliver results., an award winning online retailer, offers an insight into how when someone watches the video reviews, they are 120.50 percent more likely to purchase. Spending 157.2 percent longer amount of time on their site, consumers also spend 9 percent more per order. The focus for Pathwwway Gaming is therefore, on increasing customers watching videos.

Some common questions about videos that come to mind, is whether you should opt for CDN, YouTube or links on sites. Including product videos on product pages is the best thing you can do to make better conversions. So invest in videos and create a budget for making quality product videos on a continuous basis.

#4 Product Descriptions: Why Unique Descriptions Lead to Huge Sales

Product descriptions online are important from a lot of different aspects. It helps businesses with SEO to start with. With quality, keyword centric and unique product descriptions, chances of ranking for product related keywords through search engines is higher. Well written product descriptions also engage visitors and encourage conversion of prospects into loyal customers.

If there is an ecommerce website with thousands of products, the common challenge that companies face is to write unique, quality product descriptions. Without these, you risk losing out on potential traffic and paying customers.

Unique and engaging product descriptions that permit users to convert to paying customers is important. Copying product descriptions from manufacturer sites can kill conversion rates. Invest on creating product descriptions for every product and you will have an easy time of sales. Make sure to keep quality in check. Creating product descriptions that are not just SEO-friendly but enhancing user experience too.

Providing colour selection or product quantities that are hard to find or unavailable/higher prices are a turn off. Users need to find and buy multiple products simultaneously. To help them in their task online, the ideal product page offers zero frustration for visitors.

User reviews work wonders for business and form an important supplement to product descriptions. Consider leading retail giant Amazon’s penchant for detailed customer reviews, so customers are aware of the products that are being sold in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

#5 Product Gamification: An Essential Part of Product Optimising

Gamification and innovation are an essential part of success. Gamify reviews too, so buyers can learn reviews on different product pages on the website in a way that meets their requirements. Having prominent, easy to use social sharing buttons on product pages is also essential when it comes to sharing products with their social circles. This increases product reach and allows returning social traffic to encourage users to share products and lead to higher conversions.

#6 Product Purchase: How to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

This is the most important page element from the perspective of conversion optimisation. Adding to the cart button is easier to find. Otherwise, there is a chance of losing out on potential customers. Leading fashion brand Lulu, for example provides excellent examples of how to add to bag buttons to effectively drive sales on product pages. The main theme of the website is black and pink, adding colours that are eye catching.

#7 Product Cross Sell and Upsell: Why Marketing Matters

Optimising products matter and adding elements on the product page ensures that cross-selling and upselling is easy. Consider cross-selling by leading clothing retail unit Nordstrom, which focuses on showing the products together with products users intent to buy or related products through cross selling and upselling.