Open Source Software Packages That Can Help You With Product Reporting

Product reporting is an integral part of product management. Right from tangible goods to intangible products like mutual funds, securities and asset management solutions, the reporting of products ensures that customers are given access to the right products conforming to quality and technical parameters. Due to globalization and the advent of information technology, open source software solutions have come as a boon to various small businesses in expanding their operations and streamlining their product management functions.

What is an open source software?

In simple terms, an open source software gives access to the source code, which is not normally entertained in other types of software. The licensed source code provides a direct authority, right from the copyright holder, to carry out changes or to distribute the software as desired by the owner. OSS tools are developed for collaborative purposes.

  • It brings the expertise of different programmers together in a decentralized manner so that the general public benefits from the technical knowledge pool.
  • The advent of OSS has been a giant leap for product reporting since OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) can now reach out for validated data from genuine and publicly available sources that have more credibility.
  • It makes automation possible even on a small budget, since OSS packages are priced more competitively than other software solutions for business process automation and business intelligence and reporting.
  • Some of the major players providing management reporting solutions using the OSS technology include Microsoft, SAS, IBM and Oracle, to mention a few.

Product Reporting and its relevance in Business Intelligence

A product is developed for finding and satisfying customers’ needs and wants. Reporting helps the production managers gain a sense of how far the product journeys successfully in the target market roadmap.

  • Reporting a product for flaws encountered in the production process will identify strategic avenues for saving time and cost.
  • Reporting a product for both high and poor performance in the competitive markets will ensure that the marketing and PR budget is optimised, and the right quantum of funds are put in the right pockets of expenditure.
  • Analysing a product by evaluating critical feedback from end-users and charting out a future course of action is the basis for automated product intelligence.


This open source software has emerged as a leader in Business Intelligence and Analytics as it negotiates with tons of complex, big data effortlessly and provides the deepest of insights into product understanding and analytics.

  • SiSense has the power to put in total control of the gamut of data generated by your product over the decades and turn them into actionable intelligence points.
  • Though the product lifestyle, right from conceptualization of product know-how, thought validation, design, production and marketing, data are systematically drawn and mashed up.
  • This open source software keeps you on top of product reporting, business intelligence techniques by providing access to a range of whitepapers, webinars and workshops.

Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting

The A.A.A.R makes product reporting a breeze for users of the open source software by providing a clarified dashboard and number-crunching systematically. Pathwwway Game identifies the greatest advantage with the software package is that, in addition to gathering, aggregating and synthesizing data, they are well-organized and stored.

  • The results are published in the form of easy-to-comprehend formats, that are vital for decision making and corrective action.
  • The Alfresco Digital Business Platform accelerates your business activities by leveraging process and content.
  • The latest partnership between Alfresco and Cisco is all set to take document management processes to a new level, which is core to efficient product management.

Pentaho Reporting

This is an open source platform for seamlessly integrating your big data into actionable formats and put the internet of things, a boon of the digital revolution to its fullest use in managing your product and services portfolio.

  • The use of global filters ensures that all data relating your business activities are properly and systematically analysed.
  • The tailored dashboards can be embedded conveniently wherever you please, even on your web pages.
  • The community dashboard editor allows you to customize the user-friendly dashboards as per your requirements.
  • The platform allows you stay on top of the latest trends in big data, product management and predictive analytics.

Open Reports

Open Reports is a web based reporting tool using which high-performing and critical reports can be generated by the user. The quality of information used reflects on the outcome of every business report. In this sense, this open source tool is a Pathwwway Game must-have for product managers to ensure that all production processes are captured effectively.

  • The software supports most open source supporting engines and is driven by tough paraments of data security and validation.
  • The fine-grained security restricts and controls viewing and editing access to reports.
  • The Report Service is the service oriented architecture that is used by this software for the purposes of scheduling and generating various reports on product optimisation and performance.
  • Using OSS technologies, the platform makes it easy for users to store, analyse and generate reports from anywhere and for any given period.


KNIME open source is the brainchild of a team of developers hailing from the University of Konstanz that comes of immense use both as a collaborative and research tool. The tagline of the software is that it is open for innovation.

  • The software is a classic example of how accurate reporting of products can not only help optimise costs but bring out the innovative spark in them.
  • The platform aggregates and blends data collected from multifarious sources and sets a healthy relationship between the data scientists and the management.
  • Products can be meaningful if only they are met with customer acceptance. KNIME offers a number of tools for customer intelligence including churn analysis and prediction.

The Open Source Software options have opened all the closed doors in front of data scientists, analysts and policy decision makers, to extrapolate product data so that they come of use in flawless and resourceful reporting.