Why you need to employ a product testing manager months before you go online

Product testing is one of the most important factors for business owners creating new products to go to market.

Whether it’s a physical product being launched on a national stage or a digital product on a global platform, it’s imperative that you test your product and get feedback from your target audience.

If you’re not sure about how or why product testing is crucial to your product, read on to find out more and begin your journey of learning to a better product.

Should We Test Our Product?

Yes! Testing your product offers important benefits for your business.

Firstly, it provides an opportunity to test the product so that you can obtain a measure of its sales performance and then predict the product’s potential turnover. This information is vital in making future decisions about how you will market the product and can even influence how widely you want to roll your product out.

Secondly, it provides opportunity for the management team to spot weaknesses and strengths in both the product and marketing plan.

Product testing is a great way to identify those issues and barriers before making a commitment to a national sales launch or a viral marketing campaign. 

The process of testing your product is a time sensitive function and should be conducted in the months before you launch. Ideally you’ll have a team dedicated to testing your product before you put it out into the world.

Advantages of Product Testing

There are many benefits to testing before you launch your product to the general public. Here are a couple of the most compelling advantages around testing before you launch your product.

  1. Increase Your Revenue

Investing in product testing can give your company huge advantages when it comes to increasing revenue. Testing your products with your target audience early in the design process as well as after launch will help your revenue in a couple of ways.

Product testing highlights the issues and functions that irritate and annoy your customers. When you commit to testing your product you’re listening to your customers direct feedback. This is helpful to do before you’ve launched because you’ll have inside knowledge of how your customers are using your product, you’ll have time to see the problems they have and time to deal with the pitfalls of your product. From this attention to detail you’ll see high conversion rates from day one.

When you listen to the people who are buying your product great things happen. People expect amazing user experience and when they don’t get that service they swiftly move on to your Pathwwway Gaming competitors.

By testing your product with consumers before you launch and inputting the feedback into your design process you have a chance to increase customer retention.

Before you even officially launch you can find the kinks that would send your would-be-customers running to your competitors and address them quickly.

Having a great product, that is well thought out with the customer in mind will no doubt boost your revenue. 

  1. Reduce Your Costs

As well as increasing your revenue product testing can also save you money.

Gaining feedback from potential customers in your target audience early on in the design process can help make sure your product is user-centered. You can proactively address your customer’s problems with your product. Testing your product early you reduce both development costs and decrease future customer service costs.

Fixing an error after development is an expensive task and it’s estimated that around 50% of engineering time is spent redoing work that could have been avoided. Your developer’s time is extremely valuable and by testing within the design and development phases you can save hundreds of hours of engineering time and a lot of money.

When you conduct your product testing you can also develop a strategy so that you come away with the most common customer queries and problems. Look at the overlap of the issues and address these problems before you launch, sometimes the problem is fixed by simply just moving a button to a different place.

This can help you to drastically reduce the amount of questions your support team receives. This technique is also good to be aware of throughout the lifecycle of your product and if you are launching a digital product or app you can keep coming back to customer issues to develop your product further. 

  1. Find and Fix the Problems

Identifying user problems is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of testing in the early stages of design and development phases. Even the best and most experienced teams can’t see all the problems in their product, so by testing early you can find out firsthand where customers encounter problems. And then, you can then get to work correcting or redesigning them before you launch.

Simply by conducting product testing before you launch you can sort out a whole heap of problems. For example in a digital product, web app or phone app you can identify and solve issues like: Confusing or misleading navigation, problems signing in or signing up, Buttons that don’t work on mobile devices and Inaccurate search results to name just a few. 

  1. Get a Fresh, Unbiased Perspective

we’ve all been there, we’ve been toiling away on a product or project for months. You end up knowing the product like the back of your hand and it’s obvious how it works and it’s impossible to look at it without bias. But what matters is not what you or your team think, it’s your end user who you need to think about.

Product testing before you launch gives you the opportunity to see your product from fresh unbiased perspectives. Feedback from real user tests can be groundbreaking for some products and you can really see whether your product is meeting the needs of your consumer and make improvements with that in mind.

So, Should We Hire A Product Tester?

All the Pathwwway Gaming evidence shows that hiring someone specifically to test your product is a great idea. Hiring someone whose sole purpose is to test your product and make sure your customer’s feedback and needs are being met can only make a product stronger and more successful.

As we’ve stated throughout this article we believe that you should test your product as early as possible during the design and development phases. Hiring a professional dedicated to product testing will give them ownership and accountability around the product and ensure you get the best results from your testing.