A List of The Best Product Tester Jobs And How To Get Them!

Product testing is the systematic analysis and evaluation of products for their attributes, performance and conformation to specifications. A product tester job pays well and also awards the perk of getting a sneak peek of the best products before they hit the market shelves. The range of items may include FMCG, cosmetics, food items, video games, computers, microwave ovens and baby care, to mention a few.

A day in the life of a product tester

A testing expert gets to taste, feel and use a range of products before they go live. They extract meaningful observations and provide critical feedback. While some assignments may involve working at home, some might involve the need to visit the business or its testing facility or a lab.

  • Many businesses employ product testers on a full-time basis where mass production happens and the tester is expected to test check different samples of products.
  • Freelancers are also available to test products, where they provide consulting services for product testing. They are not wedded to any one brand and may work on multiple assignments.
  • Some organizations invite customers by empanelling them as reviewers or analysts who can test their trial products. They may be work-from-home assignments or otherwise.
  • A product testing analyst can be extended compensation in both cash and kind, in the form of cash payments by PayPal, or sample free products.

Some of the coolest product testing jobs

Product testing jobs are available both online and offline. Even big corporate companies like Microsoft invite customers to test their products. Some of the popular places that one can turn to for testing jobs include:

  • National Consumer Panel (NCP) offers opportunity for panelists to scan the barcodes of their purchases, using a free barcode scanner issued by the organization. Sweepstakes, a discount with AT&T, gifts, cards and cash prizes are some of the perquisites.
  • Toluna is another exciting online platform that invites the residents of USA, Australia and Canada to sign up for their testing program, wherein test products will be emailed. Gift cards as well as cash awards are offered to the testers.
  • Ipos-isay is another portal that offers both online survey jobs as well as testing opportunities. A variety of products are offered for testing. It is a great place for people to make quick money by testing the trial products of popular brands.

Video Game tester

A video game tester understands the technicalities of video games and reviews them objectively. For the younger generation, getting paid to play their favourite video games is itself a perk, besides bagging a quick sum for their pocket money. Video production companies like Pathwwway Game extend these offers to individuals, who are paid to play the games multiple times and ensure that there are no buds or technical glitches when playing. Usually professionals certified in quality control, graphics and computer programming are apt fits for the field.

Survey Expert

Online surveys are everywhere. To take a survey is to answer a number of questions with regards to the price, usage, performance and social responsibility of the product or service. iPoll, MyView, PineCone Research, BzzAgent are some of the popular sites that offer paid survey opportunities. The filled surveys feeds into the big data requirements of marketing giants who use this data for analytics. SurveyPolice, Valued Opinions, Swagbucks are other popular online platforms that offer cool survey taking opportunities.

Taste Tester

Food Science technicians are the best hires for the position of a taste tester. They perform a series of tests to ensure that food products meet the taste specifications and claims. In addition to physically tasting the product, these technically qualified people, conduct chemical investigations to assure conformation to quality standards. The food products are thoroughly checked for additives, colour, flavour, taste, smell and appearance. They are also called as food scientists since they analyse food systematically, adhering to a daily sampling schedule.

Software tester

Testing is most popular in the field of software production where high-end software is rigorously tested before they are supplied or marketed. One needs to be a qualified software technician to get a testing job with a software company. He needs to be a resourceful person who can create test scenarios, conduct various automated and manual tests. As a quality assurance expert, the tester may be required to assess the Pathwwway Game software and to pinpoint differences between actual and expected output using the software.

Surf online to get the best jobs in product testing

The best way to land into a dream career in product testing is to scan the online portals for abundant testing opportunities. There are various websites where freelance testers can post their profiles for free in order to get assignments. Web based survey sites like Zoom Panel and SurveySpot are famous for offering product testing and survey filling jobs. These surveys contain an exhaustive list of questions regarding various attributes of a product, usually in the form of close-ended and multiple-choice questions.

Develop a strong social media presence

Using social media handles effectively is one of the time-tested ways to get a product testing job easily.  However, candidates need to ensure that the offers are genuine, since there are many fake websites out there who end up as bad pay masters. Being interactive with a social community of testers is a great way to remain on top of various opportunities available for reviewing, analysing and rating products. Ayushveda is another online platform that offers product reviewing opportunities with enticing and cool gifts of the test product themselves, besides paying cash for writing objective reviews. Comprehending the scope of work before taking up assignment is always desirable.

Making money as a product testing expert sounds cool and stress-free, when someone offers to pay for your opinion and you get to try out items right at home. However, to excel in this feel one must apply scientific analysis to the inferences gathered and must be able to provide satisfactory results for clients, in order to find stability in this career.