Companies In The UK And The US That Make Use Of Home Panels To Trial Products

Companies often send out free products to get customer feedback as well as reviews in exchange. If you are wondering if top companies trial products using home panels, here’s some top brands and US or UK based companies  that do just that. The only cost is the time spent composing a review of products received. So, let’s dive straight into the sea of opportunities awaiting those looking to be part of home panels for top companies.

#1 Johnson & Johnson Friends and Neighbours

This is a home panel initiative that comes from Johnson & Johnson. The pharmaceutical giant offers members to participate in online discussions, focus groups, surveys and more. Additionally, they are also part of this panel which offers free samples and products from Johnson & Johnson. This panel offers a plethora of opportunities and e-mails can be received when the company has something that fits interests. Pathwwway Romania can tell you how you can also be selected for paid opportunities like in-depth focus groups and sensory testing.

#2 Glamour Magazine’s For Fashionistas and Beauty Experts

The GlamSpotters Reader Panel offers a lot of benefits for those who have a passion for fashion and beauty lovers. Glamour magazine offers this unbeatable testing panel and members can share thoughts with the community and have a chance to publish comments in the magazine too. The home panel that trials products also gets a chance to test products from additional opportunities and sponsors and win prizes from the magazine too. Special events are also up for grabs for members of the panel.

#3 Good Housekeeping’s Advisory Panel For Lifestyle and Interior Specialists

Readers of Good Housekeeping, a reputed magazine, can also join its panel to share their opinions and views with the sponsors about lifestyle and interests. Comments guide the direction of the magazine as well as the article published. As a member, you need to learn about fresh products and also test these out. More participation ensures greater chances of winning contests and prizes.

#4 HomeSchool Dot Com’s Panel Brings Classrooms Help

HomeSchool Dot Com has offered curriculum, worksheets and other important sources of help for home grown classrooms and parents that homeschool their children. As a member of the panel, individuals can trial products  of this educational company and provide important feedback. The testing panel gets resources like courses, books and curriculum kits.

#5 InStyle Trendsetters: Watching out for InStyle Magazine

InStyle trendsetters guide the magazine by offering their inputs on style, home décor, fashion and other aspects. New products can be tested out from InStyle brand partners. Comments of reviewers also appear in the magazine. Access exclusive promotions, contests and more as well.

#6 L’Oreal’s Consumer Participation Initiative

Through this consumer participation program, you can access free samples from the top beauty companies. L’Oreal trials products and tests them, and citizens from all over the US 18 years or more of age can be a part of this testing panel. From on-site studies to online ones, participants get more than a chance to voice their opinion; they also win retail goods.

#7 Marie Claire’s Velvet Rope Club Offers A Chance to Access Offers

Like other publishing house businesses, Marie Claire lets readers test new products and offer their thoughts. Members of the panel are also features in the magazine and test out the new fashion as well as beauty products before they reach the market. Members only sweepstakes, contests and discounts are also available.

#8 McCormick’s Consumer Testing Initiative

This spice and flavour manufacturer permits customers to test its products for free. Once the consumer testing panel is signed up for, you can try out products and provide valuable feedback. Match consumers based on demographic information and complete on site as well as online tests. You can also access contests and sweepstakes based on this.

#9 Microsoft PlayTest

Trying Microsoft games for free is a gamer’s dream come true. But this is a reality with Microsoft Playtest for kids and adults of any age. Companies encourage beginners as well as experienced gamers to join. Microsoft invites gamers on to their panel to try out games that match your interest.

#10 Mills Advisory Panel For Foodies

General Mills is a US based food company. The Mills Advisory Panel is a product testing program which helps in participating in studies that shape the company and its products. To join the panel, you have to share information about your food habits and preferences. The panel emails studies to participate in 6-12 times annually. Any US residents can be part of this panel.

#11 New Balance For Sneakers Fans

New Balance is a footwear company that offers panel members a chance to buy their sneakers. Each testing period lasts between 4-6 weeks and the sneakers can be assessed for durability as well as design.

#12 Nike’s Product Testing

Nike, one of the top shoe brands, assesses how normal wear and tear impact durability and performance of their shoes using panel member inputs. Nike apparel is also tested out in this way.

#13 Reebok’s Testing Process

If you want to try Reebok shoes and apparel, here is the opportunity. The company permits consumer testers to check out and trial the products to aid in product development. The product testing team chooses panel members based on the nature of the person the company is targeting for their products. These test programs last from 6 to as little as 3 weeks. Panelists complete an online survey once they have tried out the product.

#14 Roku Beta Testing

Roku is the leading name for streaming devices that let you access movie and TV shows easily. If you are passionate about Roku’s products, be part of their beta testing panel. The testers pre-release software and provide data on crashes, bugs and any other aspects.

#15 Vogue’s Insiders

Vogue magazine, known as the fashion Bible, has its own testing panel. These panelists try out fashion as well as beauty products from brands wanting to grab reader attention, and top products like Prada and Gucci.