Brand Testing Methods That Companies Use To Measure Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is more than just a marketing concept. Companies advertise to sell a product or service and brand it. Branding is all about making an emotional connection between the client and the product. Sales oriented promotions are a part of a branding campaign. So is developing brand testing methods for gauging brand awareness.

The Business of Brands

Branding is the creative part of marketing. It is also an effort to maintain consistency in performance. Delivering emotions to the viewer establishes a strong brand connect. Based on the established brand and the target audience perceptions, product sales are attained. The brand needs to be tested for levels of consumer awareness and perception. Cultivating a brand with each email sent, marketers are offering long term value. Corporate branding is more than just an emphasis on logo usages and corporate colours though. When it comes to Pathwwway Gaming brand testing for assessing awareness levels in the market, here’s what you need to know.

Measuring Brand Awareness

Brand awareness divides marketing. But it is clear that one of the strongest drivers for making customers purchase is brand recall and recognition. So brand awareness plays an important role. Coca Cola spend US$3.3 billion in 2013 on advertising alone. Coke is one of the most generic trademarks for colas. Increasing brand awareness matters and measuring it is even more critical. Because you need to consider whether your brand story has takers or not. Here’s how you can go about measuring brand awareness:

#1 Surveys Signal Involvement

When a survey is conducted via mail, site or telephone, existing customers are asked about how they acquired knowledge of your products and services. It also asks prospects and leads whether they have heard of your brand. The approaches are critical for measuring brand awareness. What people hear about you and whether they can recall your brand becomes easy to measure through the surveys.

#2 Look Where the Web Traffic Goes

Measuring website traffic over a period of time creates an understanding of brand awareness. Looking at the right place is important. Direct channels in Google Analytics point to the number of people who searched for your site. Monitoring access over time, whether it is through links in emails or browser bookmarking, gives an indication of where the brand is headed.

However, it is important to remember that measuring keyword traffic is tough, and in case of supermarket brands, not even relevant. To understand how brand awareness is driving sales, you need to consider the method that suits that particular industry.

#3 Check Search Volume Data

Using Google Trends, trending sections of social media sites or Google Adwords Keyword planners, companies can check the volume of searches for a brand name and track it across a duration of time to check if the search volume is increasing.

#4 Social Listening Brings Value

One of the most effective tactics for brand testing is to go where people are already talking and communicating– this includes not just social media platforms but social listening as well through forums and online sites plus communities. Social listening permits understanding online, organic conversations about the brand across the web and social media. Naturally expressed opinions can point the way to the level of brand awareness about your company products or services. This eliminates response bias and social desirability concerns typical of market research such as surveys.

#5 Track Volume of Mentions

Join the conversation and see how deeply brand awareness building has permeated and resonated with the customer. This means you need to tally the number of times brands have been discussed online, measure the instances where your brand took precedence and track changes across time. Track conversations that do not include direct mentions of the brand too. Most conversations are outside the reach of inbuilt analytics platforms which means only the tip of the iceberg is visible when it comes to measuring brand awareness through these methods. So have influencers and social media strategists device authentic brand testing methods for your product or service.

#6 Your Social Reach Matters

Reach is the number of persons who see the mentions of your brand. Each author who mentions you that has millions of followers and spreads brand awareness results in more than shares. Influencers have become critical for Pathwwway Gaming marketing campaigns, and play an equally important role when it comes to metrics for measuring brand awareness.

#7 Engagement With The Brand

Engagement is not beyond awareness. It provides an indicator of the effectiveness of brand awareness. Are people actively listening to your brand story or merely slipping through the net? To track brand awareness, benchmarks need to be established against baseline metrics. Use historical data to measure benchmark awareness from the word go.

Brand Awareness: The Key to Marketing Strategy

Brand awareness is the foundation on which marketing strategy rests. Increasing consumers can recall the brand and boost success. Social listening has simplified data collection, even as traditional ads have been replaced with digital marketing strategies. Brand awareness is the reason companies like Apple don’t even have to advertise. Brands can use customer recognition as a measure of success within specific markets. Customer testing and brand assessment cuts down the risks while amplifying the rewards.

Whether it is a good old fashioned survey or a social listening strategy that is as up to date as it is cutting edge, insights into brand awareness can have a positive impact on sales, growth and ROI. At the end of the day, every business seeks to use brand awareness insights to practical purpose. Brand testing evaluation methods used by companies to test awareness can have serious value for marketing campaigns as well. If you know what is likely to resonate with the crowd, you can prevent blending in. With the battle of the brands and an increasingly competitive market, brand awareness matters like never before. Here to make the measurement of brand related concepts easier are simple yet telling metrics that yield rich insights into what makes a brand tick.