Boost your page optimisation strategy for the new year with our latest tips!

Any person, who has been in the world of SEO for some time, will be familiar with the SEO basics. He/she is aware that it is important to do excellent keyword research as also page optimization. However, often page optimization is much more than just ensuring that all the Meta tags are duly filled out. In fact, all of these can be achieved in a much deeper way, even if you are not an expert at SEO, by following the tips from Pathwwway Game given below:

Searching for Synonyms with Google

It is a very common thing to utilize synonyms when you want to make an effective SEO plan, either for your website or blog. However, it is not so easy to find these synonyms, and even if you do, to do it properly. And to find such terms it is necessary to go to Google. This is because you can see both the synonyms and the way they rank in the pages of your competitors. To find synonyms using Google, all you have to do is to put the symbol ~ before the search term. For example to look for a synonym, say page optimization put it this way “~page optimization.”

In this way you can get synonyms without going back to the original search phrase. After this, incorporate them into your copy in a natural and smooth manner. By doing so, you will find that you begin ranking your blog/website for additional and appropriate keywords.

Linking with High Authority Sites

A high authority site contains a lot of content or information such as Huffington Post, Booing, Drudge, CNN etc., Other kinds of such sites include Yahoo Directory, DMOZ and most .go and .eddo websites. It is extremely important to link your website or blog to these types of sites. This will indicate to a search engine that your website is trustworthy as you have linked it to a high authority website. Conversely, this will also tell Google that your website is related to every high authority website. While a search engine crawls through a website, and finds a link that takes it to a high authority site, it considers the website positively. The secret is to link your website naturally to sites like Huffington Post or CNN.

However, under no circumstance buy links as the quality and quantity of inbound links can have considerable impact on the search engine rankings of websites, in spite of the great temptation to do so. The Google Webmaster Guidelines don’t favor such a step either.

In fact, search engines have become expert these days, at finding out sensing unnatural. suspicious or manipulative links. As a result, both buying and selling links can make a website’s the search-engine rankings of your website take a significant dive. Instead, it is better to save the money and use it for creating content which can attract or earn inbound links that at are worth it.

The Importance of Fresh Content

Search engines love fresh content. Adding fresh content, day after day, is a sure way to build good traffic, and driving them to your site. This is exactly why savvy bloggers spend a lot of time while writing fresh blog posts. If fresh content is found on a webpage, a search engine considers that the page is updated, and will visit it more often. And with every visit, your site gains more trust, and the eventual higher rankings that go with it. Unless regularly updated, the time between visits tend to be longer for the spiders. A significant example is Wikipedia that leads the rankings, as its pages remain updated regularly. In the case of non-home pages, it is necessary to renew the content regularly with updates, added statistics, case studies, project portfolios as also comments. Updating these pages once or twice a month would be ideal.

Change a sentence if it seems unnatural while attempting search engine optimization. If you try outdated tactics such as keyword stuffing, search engines will come down on them very hard, making the rankings drop drastically, thereby destroying the credibility of your site.

Some hire an SEO experts to enhance their search visibility dramatically. On the contrary, certain simple factors can bring about SEO boosts. In fact, real SEO is better for both user experience and usability of a website. The very things that make visitors happier are the things that render search engines better off.

In the matter of SEO, putting duplicate content or using identical text in two separate URLs is very unwise. Avoid this like the plague. Reposting content from other websites is on the face of it, a clear infringement of copyright, while it is also relocating duplicate content intact, something that will destroy the search rankings of your websites. Thankfully, it is easy to check for duplicate content by using software such as CopyScape, Screaming Frog and SiteLiner.

Optimizing Load Speed

The load speed of your website is an important factor in gaining search engine rankings. This speed can also influence the number of customers being converted into regular customers. A recent study conducted by Pathwwway Game reveals that an increase in the load of speed of a site by as much as a second costs you a whopping $1.6 billion loss in sales annually. Some other studies indicate that nearly 40% visitors leave a website that is taking three seconds or longer to load. In spite of this, a lot of webmasters and business owners refrain from putting sufficient effort to increase the load speed of their sites. You can use tools such as Pingdom to check the load time of your site. It will analyze every element of your site as also the time it takes to load. By using the information provided, you can optimize those images or code that cause an increase in load times.

By following the above mentioned tips you can effectively increase the page optimization of your website and in the process earn added income from it, by making it highly popular with the visitors.