The Best Product Comparison Websites For The Financial Sector Listed By Country

Comparison websites/shopbots are perfect for working out who is offering the best deals. Money is made by these sites when you click on a service provider that they offer or take a small sale percentage. Product comparison sites in the various countries offer a lot of benefits across industries. This includes the financial sector. Price comparison sites have gained in popularity over the past decade. Through this industry, the UK and US research industries have estimated an inflow of USD 1.5 billion! Finance comparison sites offer the means of checking out different financial products and services.

Financial comparison has caught on in recent years, as competing products and prices have come into play. How do customers cash in on the best financial products and services? Here to make the decision a little easier is this country-wise guide of product comparison sites from Pathwwway Igaming.

#1 Confused: UK’s Leading Financial Comparison Services Website

Confused dot com is an Admiral Group company. This British services comparison website specialises in financial services and insurance. This website helps consumers to compare prices across a wide range of financial and insurance products. This includes home, car and life insurance.Confused was launched in 2001. It is considered the first insurance comparison site in the UK. Based in Wales, it is the only FSTE-100 listed firm in this location. This finance comparison site is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority. This finance comparison site has won the 2014 European Search awards, the 2013 UK Sitecore site of the year. It was also awarded by the South Wales Chamber of Commerce and has won several PR awards for its campaigns.

#2 CanStar: Australia’s Biggest Comparison Site in the Finance Sector

Canstar is considered the largest financial comparison site in Australia. It compares more brands in the financial sector than any other price or product comparison sites. Established 2 and a half decades ago, this was set up as a financial research agency. Canstar is the most popular financial comparison site in Australia. This Aussie site shines bright, with 1 in 7 Australians visiting the online portal. Canstar helps consumers make financial comparison easily. Research is provided to third parties including fund managers, banks, insurers, money magazines and other media along with apex financial banks. An online finance company with expert ratings, it offers users a comparison table to compare products online and show the most relevant products on the basis of inputs. With close to 30 thousand product and a wide range of finance services, Canstar offers consumers a chance to compare value.

#3 NerdWallet: A US Financial Comparison Site Unlike Others

NerdWallet is a leading US financial product comparison site. It aims to create the best information for people seeking straight insights about financial products and inputs that are as incisive as they are insightful.

#4 ComparEuropeGroup: EU Financial Comparison Site

CompareEuropeGroup is a European startup with global expansion plans. This series A investment attracting company is funded by ACE and Company which has backed SpaceX, Uber and Pinterest. Additionally, the investments in this finance comparison research and online portal included Pacific Century Group, SoftBank Investments, Zynga founder Mark Pincus, PayPal founder Peter Thiel and Nova Founders Capital.

The finance comparison site also has Asian presence through the CompareAsiaGroup. The premise behind CompareEUropeGroup founded in the year 2015 is quite clear. The financial services agency uses machine learning and other algorithms to sort through and search for optimal deals in real time, based on some parameters entered by the consumer.

Other notable finance comparison sites in EU and UK like GoCompare, MoneySupermarket, Uswitch and CompareTheMarket are also there. What makes CompareEuropeGroup more unique and distinctive according to Pathwwway Igaming is that it offers more than just comparison, providing customised results to suit profiles and needs of customers. Additionally, the product evaluation site focuses on targeting markets that have just begun to understand the importance of financial comparisons. With  a presence in 5 countries in the EU, it also has a presence in Asia.

#5 CompareAsiaGroup: Asia’s Best Financial Comparison Site

The market for finance comparison sites is just shaping up in Asia. In 2012, e-commerce price comparison offered a lot of benefits in many Asian countries. Travel aggregators came about next. Finally, comparison sites for financial products like credit cards, loans, insurance and broadband and mobile plans have come into vogue, offering customers a wide range of chances to score on getting the best financial products on the basis of pricing, interest rates as well as other differentiating factors.

Internet giants like Alibaba and Rocket Internet offer challenges with eTao and Pricepanda. Growth of price comparison sites in Asia has been influenced by rising number of smartphone users and higher incidence of internet usage in the region. Product comparisons in financial sectors in Asia have risen in number due to high internet penetration and rise in savings. According to 2012 statistics, close to half of the internet users in the world are across Asia. Close to 18 nations in the region have 100 percent usage of smartphone and some like Hong Kong have 200 percent penetration of more than a single mobile device per household. India and China constitute 60% of the internet market share. With the accessibility of internet, financial comparison sites are becoming more of the necessity than a want for Asian users. Sites like CompareAsiaGroup offer the best deals for them.

#6 CompareGroup Global: Worldwide Presence

This global worldwide financial services advisory group manages 12 global, financial product comparing platforms aggregating more than 3 thousand financial services and products. It also partners 100 different financial service and product providers with websites across Latin America, and Asia in more than 12 countries.

These top finance comparison sites offer a world full of benefits for investors as well as those looking to make profits through financial products and services. Whether you seek long term financial advice or short term gains, these sites offer the best inputs and insights for getting ahead in the money game.