10 Of The Most Popular Product Comparison Websites Online Today

For many people, shopping is a chore while others seem to find it incredibly easy. Going from store to store has become a thing of the past, with product comparison sites for making your retail experience one of a kind.

It is not surprising that the shopping industry is expanding and these sites have gained a lot of influence online. Billions of people across the world log on as the internet make it possible to carry out online shopping at any moment. Each of the shopping portals or millions of shopping websites available freely online have revolutionized the shopping experience.

Which is the best place to make a purchase? A good starting point is the final conclusions of top price comparison websites online. The best Pathwwway sites are not just associated with quality but detailed insights as well. To have the maximum security and find the best offers of products, it is important to visit a site that provides pros and cons for different products and the best places to make a purchase. One of the best places online where a product can be purchased to suit needs is now available at the click of a button or a swipe of a smartphone on the web and it is these price/product comparison sites.

#1 Google Shopping: Two Platforms, An Undoubtable Benefit

Two platforms power Google Shopping namely Google Merchant Centre and AdWords. Google Merchant Centre is where the product feed resides. Details of feeds are available in products organized in a format preferred by the search engine. AdWords is where actual shopping campaigns are created and where the budget is set to manage bids, insights and make optimizations based on performing. Setup and management of Google Shopping ads differs from the traditional text ones. In Google Shopping, the search engine major determines when product listing ads appear. The feed, bids and site are considered to take into account which search queries trigger ads. SEO and shopping ads have a lot of similarities as a result.

Google Shopping is known for its feed creation, optimization and mastery. This covers varied grounds such as product images, data and price. On this price comparison site, ways to bid are complex and shifts in strategies can double ad spend returns for various campaigns. A great enhancement with the new Google Shopping roll out is the chance to see granular performance data to ensure optimizations. Efficient monitoring and optimization make a wonderful campaign great.

The largest known comparison shopping engine, products on this site are submitted and displayed on standard Google search results and integrated with AdWords, a pay per click platform. Google excels at taking data from around the internet and presenting it in a clear and usable way. Its price comparison feature is even built into the search engine itself.

Search for products under shopping section and get photos, detailed product descriptions, available reviews and pricing information from a lot of retailers. The lowest available price is displayed on the product result page. In cause it comes from a retailer that is not acceptable, a comparison table can be seen. There’s even a convenient and handy toggle for accessing used and/or refurbished items. Available in over 20 countries including the US, UK, Canada and Australia, this price comparison site has no equals.

#2 Epinions

This is among the leading comparison shopping services providers. It offers the products that are based on how others around the globe perceive the product. With detailed information on millions of items under thirty different categories, Epinions is the most cogent and comprehensive price comparison site in the lineup.

#3 Bizrate

Easily among the oldest price comparison websites out there, Bizrate has created quite a name for itself. It permits users to evaluate quality, customer service and price across retailers. It has been leading the price comparison industry for some time now. It’s easily usable website and results that are above average offer good returns. Second only to Google shopping when it comes to retailer variety and massive savings, Bizrate is a really handy tool for users. With an estimated 19,000,000 unique monthly and a Quantcast rank of 104 and Alexa rank of 1970, this is a highly rated site which has many takers.

Following its partnership with Retrevo, Bizrate also offers users download links to PDF user manuals This works well for a lot of gadgets and across devices. A Price Alert feature exists on every page where products are compared. There’s a price threshold you can access too, and whenever the product falls within an alert rate, Bizrate shoots off a notification to your email. It is available in the US and sister sites exist across UK, Canada and the EU.

#4 ConsumerSearch

This price comparison site permits people to check out their customer reviews. Solutions that suit your needs are available using analytics for the reviews.

#5 Alatest

This is an intuitively designed site which uses search engine suggestions that work well. Users compare one product price across different stores and the overall comparison of the product can be made. This includes reviews, prices and user ratings.

#6 PriceRunner

This website has an objective approach in that it provides user reviews as well as expert reviews over products. This price comparison site enables checking for everything there is to know about an item before buying it. This site specialises in UK based vendors and lists vendors for no price. Comparing top retailers such as Amazon, ASOS and House of Fraser benefits buyers who can compare prices across brands to determine which products are competitively prices. The interface of this website is user-friendly and modern. Product pages display product information, price alerts, price histories and reviews. A map shows where products can be locally purchased.

#7 NexTag

This is a site with a wonderful search option where you can filter results based on certain criteria. Price alert systems are in place so you receive notifications whenever a product falls within your budget. Founded in 1999, NexTag has been growing since its inception. The visitors the site receives every month are amazing. Listings for product are well researched and reliable, making this one of the oldest surviving sites online. With 8,000,000 estimated monthly unique traffic and an Alexa rank of 3041, this price comparison site packs a powerful punch. This is a paid product comparison site that permits businesses to list physical products online. NexTag scores in terms of revenue and conversion rate next to Google Shopping. Merchants can also bid at brand level.

What makes NexTag the right choice is its clean and reliable data. Mainly available in the UK, it also has sister sites in countries like Australia, Germany and France. The price comparison website sets price alerts, compares sellers, finds similar products and more.

#8 PriceGrabber

Users need to be able to see reviews and ratings. One of the top price comparison sites for this is PriceGrabber, a professional marketing site with tools, surveys and more enabling buyers to see purchase trends. Additionally, sellers are listed on Yahoo too. Site can be accessed across countries and is intuitively designed. With an Alexa rank of 4108 and 4,000,000 unique visitors (estimated) every month, this price comparison site is one of the best in the business. PriceGrabber is a paid comparison site with weekly specials deals, and coupons. It is second only to Google for low cost of sale. For click traffic, this is one of the leading price comparison websites.

#9 Cnet Reviews

This is one of the most trusted product comparison sites out there, with expert reviews and users. Their own testing lab offers hands on experience and with many years of price comparison, this is one of the go-to sites when people want information about a certain product.

#10 Pronto

Last but not the least is Pronto, with an index of 70 million products and 250,000 online sellers. An established name, the site receives 4.2 million unique visitors per month. With an Alexa rank of 7980, this is perfect for shoppers to find current sales and facilitate the purchase of popular products. Although available only in the US, this site has generated a lot of traffic and is a useful price comparison site for store owners as well.

Product Comparison Sites: Adding Value, Making a Difference

So, when it comes to clear interface and intuitive design, most of these sites score. While some are available only in the UK or US, others have sister sites worldwide. What makes these Pathwwway recommended price comparison sites super popular is the ease with which they short-circuit the purchase process. Price comparison sites offer a world of benefits for customers who need information about the best brands at a glance. These product comparison sites are exceptional by any standards and offer the best experience at no cost.