10 Examples Of Online Trial Products That Went Viral

Inspiration, engagement and impact are closely intertwined. As online trial products are launched every day, the value of product testing has gone up in a market where transparency is valued. Thanks to the onslaught of the digital revolution, Pathwwway Game marketing and product testing have combined through growth hacks intended to give the company a chance to rise heads and shoulders above the rest.

Visually demonstrating to consumers how a Pathwwway Game product works, an online trial product enables consumers to see for themselves how products perform without the risk of making a purchase first. Sampling the product, consumers can experience it themselves. Enabling consumers to momentarily experience a large expensive product for free has its benefits.

It increases the purchase value of the product and successfully uses physical and virtual demos to create a powerful impact. Let’s get to know more about the best online trial products in recent times, that became viral and garnered a lot of attention and sales.

#1 Marriott Hotels: Teleporter 4-D Sensory Experience

Relevant and Framestore VR studio collaborated with Marriott, a leading hospitality brand, to create this unique teleportation experience for potential customers looking to book rooms and avail the hotel’s service. The Teleporter 4D sensory experience launched in the year 2014, permitted users to take a journey through VR versions of London and Hawaii complete with motions, sprays of water and sounds to replicate the ocean. Tech and travel press apart, this product trial campaign created a buzz for customers looking to book their next vacation. The teleporter took clients to a Marriott Hotel and then a beach in Hawaii. Oculus rifts, heaters and wind jet were used to simulate the experience. It enabled Marriott hotels to position themselves as a relevant and forward looking brand. This virtual product trials campaign combined visuals with other senses. It moved beyond the possible by showing a sensory experience that was rich and detailed unlike a normal 360 degree video.

#2 Volvo’s Unique Test Drive

Promoted  in 2014, Volvo Reality earned the distinction of being the first VR test drive in the world. This virtual reality test drive allowed users to test-drive the Volvo XC90 in a pristine Vancouver landscape. The immersive test drive allowed the company to put users in control and test drive the car even before it was available in showrooms. The marketing campaign enabled Volvo to reach millions of media impressions. The app made by Volvo to support their launch of the XC90 SUV was simply splendid. It takes  individuals on an idyllic ride through the nation. With 175,000 views on YouTube and 155 reviews on Google play with average ratings of 3.6, the product trials by Volvo were the right step to appear relevant and modern as against competitors. By using online technologies and virtual reality, they enabled the consumers to perceive the brand in a new light.

#3 Etihad Airway’s Reimagine Campaign

When Etihad Airways sought to promote bookings for a flight on the world’s biggest aircraft for passengers, the Airbus A380, it pulled all stops. The online product test and launch focused on an immersive film called Reimagine featuring Academy award winner Nicole Kidman. In the movie, which can be viewed online, Nicole takes the flight from New York to Abu Dhabi. Equipped with Google Cardboard headsets, viewers got a chance to step aboard and sample the amazing experience, as viewers enjoy the company of a whole series of characters from a film director, to an opera performer and a falcon in the first class! The Etihad Airways movie also features the private three cabin room called The Residence which comes with a personalised butler service. Travel marketing may be a great fit with VR technologies, but Reimagine takes product trial to a whole new level. Special filming methods were employed for a seamless experience. Flying in style was never easier!

#4 Trailscape by Merrell

To initiate an online trial product of their new hiking boots, the Capra, shoe company Merrell created a VR trail. Trailscape takes viewers on a tough hike across the mountains. The stage set is mapped to virtual reality to offer a unique immersive experience. Customers can even explore the mountainside, complete with rope walkways made with wooden planks that are none too secure. The value of the hiking boots are emphasized throughout this marketing campaign. Showcased at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, this brainchild of the reputed shoe company did a wonderful  job of brand integration in a powerful user experience. You can walk around in the demo and the product trial allows an amazing experience for the prospective client.

#5 Volvo Trucks and Tricks

This Volvo YouTube video garnered a huge number of hits online (86.8 million views to date, to be precise and counting). The Volvo YouTube video features Jean Claude Van Damme performing his famous splits, only this time each leg rests on a single Volvo truck while the two vehicles are being backed on a highway. This 1.17 minute video is astonishing in its impact and demos the amazing precision of the Volvo trucks. Truly a unique way of presenting a product online, this trial is one for the daring.

#6 Cisco’s Unique Video Game for Its ASR-1000 Router

Cisco had one of the most original, innovative and unique product trials of all times. Its ASR 1000 Route used no conventional marketing strategies. The launch saw online digital tactics instead. Viral, visual and virtual, this trial involved creating the Edge Quest Video game. The rich and diverse media capabilities of the router such as its high speed were then showcased by a competitive tournament target for purchasers.

#7 Nooka’s New AR Watch

Try on Nooka watches with a removable paper watchband attached to print ads with AR embedded in them. The readers download the app to their computers online, remove the band from the ad, place it on their arm and hold it up to the computer. Now the watch changes in style and colour depending on which timepiece that want to select. Engaging and helpful, this product trial launch used the best of both worlds– conventional as well as digital marketing tactics.

#8 Parker and Mercier Website Try Ons

Try on programs are offered online by Warby Parker.  Adding to the fashion digital offering is Laura Mercier. These replicate the in-store trials in brick and mortar units. On the sites of both companies, users download their image and put on Parker glasses or Mercier cosmetics through the tool of the virtual makeup artist for the latter. Customers can try on a whole range of products, feeling more confident about their purchase choice and less concerned about the botheration of returning products.